Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I can't remember I used my pair of wings or not..

strumming guitar, what way to stop the time and stay at present.

baiklah kita berkenalan

new members, welcome to HACC!


"Are we there yeettt???? "

So clear, so calm.

Last waterfall.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekend Getaway

I shall call this trip ZERO STRESSS with hashtag #TRAVELLINGBEARTRIO (me and my other two housemates/classmates)

I haven't brought friends home since quite a long time (not that I don't have friends,ok?). So I decided to take along my two housemates back to one of my place, Gua Musang. These girls were so hyped about it since one of them never even visit Kelantan.

So I planned everything, hoping it would work out. We are going to take a bus to Gua Musang, and I'm going to take these girls to Cameron Highland since it only takes less than two hours (and I have nowhere to show in Gua Musang). Alhamdulillah I can say they went well and even better , there's an extra trip to Gua Madu, even though we've encountered a few unexpected incidents. 

It wasn't raining at all until we came (according to my sister) . We all know how horrible and dangerous the road to Cameron Highland could be and because of the bad weather, we almost called off the trip. I am one determined person,I checked on the weather from time to time,I called my friends there just to make sure it is safe so that ayah will allow us to. I also coaxed(forced) my brother to drive us there... and what a good brother he is!

nikmat manakah  yang kamu dustakan

On the day we were supposed to go back to Shah Alam by noon, my mother just told us stories about the history of Gua Musang during breakfast. Being a person who moved here since 2012, I am ashamed I have no information to give people when I am given questions.  Mama told us that there is a cave where the communists used to had meetings. How interesting,isn't it? At first we were planning to see the historical cave on ground but I don't even know how we ended up hike into a cave above. Maybe because a guide just offer himself for free!

Monday, January 2, 2017


A day well spent at The Kitchen Guardian's new cafe. It wasn't open the door to the public yet when we came. I did take some shot because I love every corner of the cafe. It was so comfy and sophiscated in it's own style. Most importantly, the lightingg! (Thumbs up)

Congrats aunty yani for your opening.

This is GOALS

I have nothing to lose for coming here. I got these!!

a few second barista?

she's getting the mood

Display your cake stands like trophies!

Friday, November 11, 2016

OCCUPIED - First Semester In College

Assalamualaikum and good day!

Final is over,Alhamdulillah! Except for the part I think I screwed two papers *cries silently*

So basically this is my first time being to this one library near my house.Honestly the first! *cries silently again*

Drove these girls with me (cz who doesnt need study buddy) and yeah,think we had a VERY productive economics study that day lolz!

Twas raining and feels like London all over again!

Thats suraya

my study mates
 After thaaaatttt, Imma just eat cakes cz we all know how I can't live without it
Took them for some cake fix after the exhausting day at the library lol


And these pictures below are on my last day of exam. Quite bright at first but gloomy in the evening ( I got that cloudy mood as well) . I don't know why but I can't wait to be back to INTEC (and its the first day of holiday haha silly me)
I miss my friends already sobs sobs.

 Mission of spending all money starts after that:


Me and alya (my basketball captain) were planning to eat cendol in front of the college (at first) but it wasnt even open yet. So we're like,let's find somewhere nice to eat lunch!

Here it's me again driving to Subang solely for Butter Chicken!
Taking my basketball captain for a lunch

Just now was just a lepak with Soraya and Alya. Now it's the other team of mine haha. Again,drove to Subang for some ice cream,despite the heavy rain!!


Hanbing zomg finally here
Weren't sure myself if this is my first Korean food dessert in life but it is definitely not something I should have regularly. *I need a sugar cut down even tho it tastes so healthy even it is not >.<

favourite flavours all year long
 After all the clearance of the room, defined as me bringing down my stuffs from the room,i'd say all the way from Fourth floooorrr to the ground and to the car and home (first to shah alam and then to kelantan)!! Omg I could lose weight with it!Soooo much things that it filled up the car but as well as the seats. I will try to minimise my stuffs next year. Had enough of sweat today phew:P

Since my house and Aina's are so near, i think as a good friend I'll offer her a ride home. But firstttt,,,lemme take you out for dinner!!!

It was just somewhere behind our house. We always passed thru it,but never ever tried!
Our last place that takes up all our money is called NOVEMBER. How nice it is really november now wowww


Tea time with Aina

 Oh this place is super duper cool. Somewhere in the Courtyard idk know what the place is called cz I was too carried away by these hunks. (sorry) haha.

You want me to sum up my first semester? Oh well I had both up and down,but I am sure I am mostly happy most of time? There was not much pressure (YET) and I've met very cool classmates and nice people around INTEC. Anyhow, I just need to refrain myself from spending too much. It's a disease everyone should handle better for next semester.

Pray for our success!