Friday, March 9, 2012

Baking Techniques

Going to share you a good tips about making cake.
Found them in my late mum's cook book.
She bought it at London and it's very useful!It helps me a lot.
Maybe it would help you too. :)

Creaming Method

This is the most popular method for making sponges,such as Victoria Sandwich Cake.
Cream or beat the fat with sugar until pale in colour,fluffy and light in texture.Add eggs gradually,beating hard after each addition.

Choosing The Right Tins
Remember,always use the size of tin recommended in the recipe.It is worthy buying good-quality cake tins.Not only they will last a lifetime,but your cakes will not be noticeably than those cooked in poor quality tins.

How to Prepare Cake Tins

The only preparation that is needed is greasing by brushing with oil or melted butter over the base and sides.Placing a piece of non-stick baking paper in the base ensures that the baked goods turn out easily.Like I always did cause my cake always sticks to the cake tins and it makes me feel like I wanna cry! (Mama,Tolonggg..!!!)

Protecting Cakes During long Baking

When you're making rich fruit cake,the long,slow process tends to dry out or overcook the edges of the cake.To prevent this,wrap a double thickness of brown paper around the outside of the tin

Test if Cakes are Cooked

The fact your cake looks golden brown on top is not always a sure sign that it is fully cooked right through.You have to insert a metal skewer into the centre of the cake.If it comes out clean,the cake is cooked.You must be happy then...