Monday, December 3, 2012

Basic Things To Have In The Kitchen

Assalamualaikum readers!Today I'm going to share about tools that you need if you love to bake muffins,cakes etc.Check it out!!

1-OVEN-It's very important to have this to bake cakes,cookies and bread.


2-SCALES-There's 2 types of scale.Digital scale and normal one.I love to use the digital one because it's more exact.

You'll need this to bake cakes.but for the basic,I suggest you to have a round 8 inch tin,9 inch and 8x8x3 inch.And you can also use the spring form type.It's much easier to bake with this thing.

Cake Tins

4-ROLLING PINS-Very important if you want to make tarts,pies,cokies and to roll fondants.

5-CUP MEASUREMENT-I love to use them.I also have the spoon measurements.

6-PASTRY BRUSH-To brush pastry,bread.but be carefull if ou buy them cause sometimes they were made of pigs.Scary!

7-RUBBER SPATULA-If you make cake batter or whatever,You can use spatula to scrape them out.

There's a lot of size in the market.It's very useful to make meringue

To sift your flour.Most of the recipes ask you to sift you flour with baking powder,soda or cocoa powder first.It' very important to sift your flour.

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