Saturday, December 14, 2013

End Fall Paris+Switzerland!

One little two little three little Indians
four little five little six little Indians
Seven little eight little twelve little Indians

You can easily find the mistake .Duuh no point.

Haii Bonjour!


Guten Tag!
Is this Paris,because I can't believe it!

Happy holiday everybody ! And to the ex SPM candidates,wow it's been a terrible year isn't it?Haha.
I want to share you my experiences during my holiday. *excited

So,dreams do come true huh?Cause PARIS was always my DREAM CITY!I always doodle the Eiffel Tower in my notebook,my bag,my phone case .. etc .Thanks Ayah .You gave your daughter an unvaluable happiness :D

So the flight from KLIA to Charles de Gaulle airport took about 12 hours . What a long journey !
We didn't stay in the hotel but we rent a apartment for 4 days cause we're going to Switzerland on the fifth day.

I was sooooooooooooooooooooo glad that finally I can breathe Paris.It was so cold that morning . I can see the vapour coming out of my mouth when I talked!Haha you don't know how much I speak just to see it coming out of the While the others resting in the apartment after the long flight,me bella and kakcik made a decision that we won't rest in the apartment for the long flight.Instead,we want to reward ourselves by walking around Paris by ourselves while looking for some grocery store nearby .It was great!We walked and talked and take pictures of the things we saw
Arc de Triomphe.

Then we went home to take mama and the others to go to the grocery. Well,we can go buy it ourselves but we don't have money even a euro!That night we didn't go anywhere cause we were too tired of walking and walking that evening .

Kak cik,Atif,Bella and me
Thanks to our sponsorr!!

It's my second day and hey,I wasn't dreaming! Haha .So mama said,we're going to have adventures here in Paris .We took our first metro! Wuwuwu .Then at Grand Palais terminal,kak cik stucked at the entrance and Amar with Atif didn't make it to fetch the metro. I freaked out .Bella freaked out.Mama even freaked out.But not Ayah la.He stayed calm . We have to stop at the next metro.So we did . Kakcik and bella went back there and fetch Atif and Amar here.This had make me the first one to get into the metro cause I don't want that to happen on me.I would be panic and cry .

In front of Michael Kors
A few places that we went by fetching the metro is Arc de Triumphe,Grand Palais,Grand Louvre and Place de La Concorde.It was sure very tiring for sure but we didn't come this far to stay home with the heater on.

And I'm in looovee with SWITZERLAND !
We actually took a bullet train to Swiss.Stopped at Basel and then to Luzern.
I actually liked it here more than Paris.
The famous Luzern bridge

Switzerland,where you can find the finest chocolate making in the world.

Uhh can I take them all?

Woaahh feeling dapat tengok salji

On Titlis Mountain where the temperature is -12 degree celcius.

Current temperature -12

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