Friday, February 21, 2014


From left,Syaza,KD,Sabrina,Husna and Fatin le classmates of 4 Eliara 2014 . New crazy friends.


Look who went to girls fully residence school?

I get jealous because of my sisters and brothers who studied in SBPs . Based on my experiences sending and visiting my siblings from their schools,they seem pretty happy and I can obviously see the changes of them after they went to SBPs.

Atif-Sains Alam Shah (ASiS)
Bella-Sekolah Seri Puteri (SSP)
KakCik-Sains Pasir Puteh (SMSPP)

This school I'm studying staying in is SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS SERI PUTERI which also known as SESERI is located in the heart of KL.

Two weeks here,and finally we're allowed to go back home for PB(Pulang Bermalam). And that is why I can update a little things about my school,my seseri . Because last week we're only allowed to go out for the KB(Keluar Bandar) until 6.00 pm which is very short of time.

I've experinced too many new things here during my ONLY fortnight stay . I saw many diff types of people,I've done the things I never did before,I did a diff way of learning,and to summarize it,I would say my life completely changed! My first week,I felt like jetlag ,sleepy walking dead with culture shocks .Haha .See how shocked I was?

I used to decide that I want to quit the school because of the rules..But now,I don't feel like PT anymore.Sorry I forgot to mention what is PT .PT is Pulang Terus .Specially created for a budak manja ,maudlin like me . But no worries,two years ain't a long period of time. *phewwww sweatingg

We went through 'Minggu Asimilasi' on our first week . It was cool ,I could say . But the second day,we already need to sit on an English placement test to divide us into Sets . I'm in SET B,honest to say . English ain't good enough uh?

No one will trust me if I claim that I don't cry . I don't cry until the 6th day because the 'Asimilasi' was so fun but when it comes to the 7th day,I cried and cried until the KB.Still feeling homesick.However,I think I can get through this,as long as somebody keeps on visiting me . Hohoho .

So I choose to stay . Why?Because basically my parents want me to be here.I REALLY ABSOLUTELY SERIOUSLY think I can't survive in the world of challenges,in here. But then I realised I can do it . And everyday I pray so I can brave myself throughout the days with no single regrets , At least I tried . I want to go out of my past world in the cave .So that's why I choose the path with thorns where I can get scratches . This is my choice so I have to believe that the scratches will go and I'll be a real person soon. My parents and family will be proud of me.

What I can conclude base on my experience here for two weeks:
  • SESERI has the BEST view among the rest of SBP. 
  • It is located at the most STRATEGIC land of Malaysia.We usually spent our money to zero ringgit at Times Square and MidValley . You'll see many girls wearing baju batik on that day of KB at those hotspots.

I only have 2 observations at current time,but I promise as soon as I get more experiences and info's,I'll give you a post.