Monday, June 9, 2014

A Little Bless-Umrah

MasyAllah its been a while!So how are you fellas?Discovered more fun in life?You're fine. I know you are.

For your information,I just finished my mid year exam.It's super difficult to me . dad brought me to perform an umrah[at last!] . He promised to bring me there since I was in Form 2 . Maybe because he runs out of his budget as he already brought my twain sisters there [perhaps]. So this time,its me and my brother,Atif's turn !Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah.Terbaiklah!Terima kasih Ya Allah!I love You Allah!Tinkkkkk~


I was so haaaappyy and excited to go there but unfortunately I've no idea what people do during umrah [=,=]. But our Pendidikan Islam syllabus kinda helped me to understand it . And I also joined the form 5 students during a class and practical on Haji and that really helped me out. Wuhoo . And my two friends from the same school,Nisa and Syuhadda also going for umrah,the same day I'm going. 

Constructions everywhere.

The 10 hours journey is kinda fun ya know . There are different sceneries on the plane .Unlike all the flights I took to other countries . I saw desserts with different patterns from top,different shapes of clouds . The fluffy ones,the crooked ones,the dark ones,the bright one.Masyallah saya suka saya suka !!I'd rather not to sleep. :P

So before reaching King Abdul Aziz airport in Madinah,we stopped at the airport of Riyadh first .And it only took one hour from Riyadh to Madinah with the plane.Just like a route from Kota bharu to KL.I can't tell ya but I'm a bit nervous to be His guest.I'm sos scared I'm not ready for this.The first night there,urmm ..woah I can really feel the heat . It was 40-50 celcius . Can you imagine? Its Mubarak Sliver hotel we're staying in .oh I forgot to tell,we're with Andalusia Travel and Tours with the slogan PENYUCIAN JIWA DI TANAH SUCI . Hehe . So back to the hotel,it was not far from Masjid Nabawi so no excuse for not going there okay ladies ?Unless you're......

First time of wearing niqab.It protects you from the dust.Maybe its not awkward at all wearing niqab there.Our contry,maybe?

That day I cut my finger I don't even know why . What I know,it hurts.Especially whenever I take my wudhuk :(

The next day,we went to masjid nabawi to pray at Raudhah .To know where is the perimeter of Raudhah,look at the carpet .Me and mama took turns.I let her pray first and I watch her from the back.It's better this way. You 're in Raudhah when you're on the green carpet . Some people pray on the red carpet after coming this far. Woahh I remember that time we waited so long coz too many people wanting to go in . As I go in,man!I was pushed,pulled and dragged by random women . Sometimes people were kicked!Honestly,I was about to cry . I hate crowds.No.No.No.I mean,I hate to be in crowds . I have ochlophobia . I can't be in crowds. I remember last raya,there were so many people there laughing and   talking and that and that. And tears automatically go down to my cheeks .Bella is the one to calm me down . She knows my weakness.The same thing happens at Kl Festival. Too crowd!Like chinese said,人上人海.So she treats me some dumpling soup . 

Masjid Quba here we come!!Prayed tahyatul masjid and we went to Bukit Uhud.According to my mutowwif,Ustaz Ilyas,Bukit Uhud is the biggest bukt in Madinah.If I'm not mistaken.Then we also went to 'Bukit memanah' with its own history which I forgot coz I wasn't listening to him eee. We passed by two masjid:Masjid dua kiblat and The masjid where Perang khandak occurred.Oh the Date Farm!Not the date the couple do. It's date with seed in it . [I know. Not funny] but lovelies,many people que at the entrance to go in . So I choose to stay outside and take pictures [selfie] with the uppermost leaves of pokok kurma that was not closed bt the fence . Now here is the interesting part . Nenek lost her shoes after praying asar at Masjid Nabawi . Wanna know the most interesting part?Me and Mama lost ours after isyak,at the same masjid!so we bought 10 riyal slippers outside the masjid  .What should we do,people??Redha. Good .And after that,we put our slippers in a plastic and carry em with us all the time . Should buy a new one before going on the plane . Herrrrrrr herrrr herrrrrr,


There is a building in front of Masjid Nabawi with H&M and Starbucks outlet . You can access the second floor from H&M . There's Victoria's Secret,MAC,another Starbucks,Payless,Next and more.That night it was so hot so I bought frozen yoghurt at PinkBerry. Nyumss . Given you to choose four toppings.Want extra toppings?Extra two riyal lah!


Last day in Madinah.Jubah hunting for everyone in Malaysia!But I just bought a piece of black jubah . Maybe i'll find one more exquisitive jubah in Mecca?Because I really love the quality here.

So Maassalamah Madinah!Assalamualaika Ya Rasulullah . Gonna put myself in kain sembahyang for ihram . I guess it took 7 hours to mekah . So along the way,we have to talbiah coz 7 doors of Mecca are guarded by 7 angels .There's a stop where you can have nasi arab along the journey.

Wadi kudai . Wadi kudai is a place our Prophet Muhammad pbuh used to stop to eat and bath. He asked Ummu Maaban something to eat but she had no food left . Her thin goat has no milk at all . So he asked her permission to squeeze the milk from the goat .He gave a pat on the goat . And promptly the goat become corpulent and it gives out much milk !! When her husband came home,he was taken by surprise as there's more than enough milk for them.He was curious .Ummu maaban described Muhammad's appearance to her hubby. Then she herself searched for the man in madinah and finally she embraced Islam.
Again,this story was told by my mutowwif .  So we reached Makkah Hilton Towers around 10pm ,eventually! And of course,Hilton is more condusive and comfortable .Alhamdulillah. But the responsible mutowwif gave us an hour to prepare ourselves and gather again at the lobby to do our first umrah!I'm very grateful for this moment.He guided us to tawaf around Kaabah and then sai' . Then go back to hotel.Then have our night rest.

Whenever I do tawaf,I can't get off my eyes from the Kaabah.It's just so beautiful.I always dreaming of coming here and touch the kaabah.But,it's very impossible to go near the Kaabah with the crowds.

We did our second umrah after went for ziarah at some places ie:padang arafah,tempat melontar,muzdalifa and so on . Anddddddd.....
I visited my relative,long lost never found pak Cik Rushdi at his house .  I never met him ..until that day . No wonder I never know him . He was borned and raised in Mekkah .But luckily he still can speak malay . But not his sons and daughters. His son has an asian face (sebijik macam melayu hei) but he speaks arabic. VERY.FLUENT!
And her wife love to cook us. We went to her house after asar until maghrib and she cooked us twice . Her nasi arab was soooooo goooooddd I cannot say . I'm gonna be a wife like her soon hehehe . 

I tell you,I love to walk and discover new things alone . I always going out myself while my mum and nenek were at some place . Like they don't have to know my whereabouts . Walking alone is pretty fun ! I feel freeee and big enough that I can get married . oppss!Sometimes Mama allowed me to walk and go out alone,of course by providing some Riyal . Hehe . What the worst can happen?Heeeee.

Then the third umrah ,miqat at Tana'im . It's like 15 minutes from our hotel.or maybe half an hour I don't know.

So later it was time to go back home-Malaysia .We have to take a bus to Jeddah as we all have to depart from Jeddah Airport . Seriously,you really really REALLY need to have patience at the airport . Mum said that it's like one of the 'poorest' airport . Well just the system is not managed efficiently . And the cleanliness . And the workers . Before the check-in,you have to wait outside,without the air-conds .

Kinda sad to go home . I'm gonna miss it here . And going home means that I have to make sure that the homeworksssssss are done,and I have to return to school in a week time . Urghh the feeling sucks .

Umrah-Pictures Give Words