Saturday, July 5, 2014

Different Ramadhan?-Month I Was Born

Assalamualaikum ya ukhti
Alhamdulilah  now we are breathing the air Ramadhan .Is it just me or the atmosphere of Ramadhan is different?
Or maybe I feel that way because for the first time I have to go through ramadhan without my family?Yes that could  be the answer.You might think it’s so pathetic to break the fast with plain simple food in the hostel but I’ll tell you.It’s not that bad!
We woke up for sahur at 4.30 am with our pyjamas(making sure the aurah is properly covered).BuI don’t really eat rice for sahuur. My stomach won’t accept it.So ,every sahur I will go down to Bilik Kopi and have my meals there.The food I always eat-I’ll tell you now.The main course is I will take a  Jaacob Weetamil Cracker,spread with Nutella and pat!Sanwich with one more cracker.It supposed to be bread but I’m just scared coz bread can only lasts for few days then  if the bread grow fungus  eww I’ll get a stomach ache.Then I’ll have cereal with low fat milk,cookies,Nestum hot drink and a few kurma  and raisins.Last but not least I’ll drink plain water so I will not be dehydrated easily.

Frankly,it was so tiring and exhausting at the hostel . You get back from school,go to pray at the surau,go up the dorm to change the prep unform and the go up to  the academic block for prep.With the burning hot weather,you’ll need something to quench the thirst,even the  water in the drain looks AHHH .(NO I’M JOKING).In the evening we’ll have tadarus among the dormmates.Only in fasting month,you’ll be entertained by beautiful songs while you’re eating.Everyday there will be some kuih and flavourfuk beverage for us.i forgot to mention ,our canteen also sells some food and drinks which our principal give name as SESERI BAZAAR.
Then,our tarawikh will be conducted by an outsider imam so we’ll get the feeling of solat tarawikh in our hometown . There is still prep!!until 10.45 and our supper is waiting .

This ramadhan is different because I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Ramadhan,which is tomorrow{7th July2014}.Last year,it was 8th july where we start to fast.Ah yes,I’m at my home In Gua Musang.We’re on our pulang bermalam!Gonna be in school this evening.
So I think I’m gonna proposed Mama a HUGE birthday party .There are so many ppl who were born in July in my family. Including our King,Ayah,Kakcik,,Farees,Adreena,and so on }There should be 7 but I forgot so sorry.

So this time,I think I’m just gonna buy a cake from Secret Recipe or anywhere to treat my dorm mates and classmates. We’ll have a huge celebration with barbeque soon .

I just can’t wait to go back for Raya .Coz Abang Anam gonna have a wedding this rayaaaaa oh mai god it’s been a long time since we had this occasion!I miss the time to be the flower girl and the host where you can open up the gifts ,eat cakes and enjoy part of the hantaran and  feel like a boss on a massive birthday party.Coz I remember the last time kaklong got married,Abang Farid gave a box of PATCHI chocolates and omg I was forgetting the world for a sec.
So, this Ramadhan,I would like to apologize to everyone every human on Earth for my wrong doings.May our ibadah will be accepted by Him and He will bestows His blessings in our lives and grants our dua’.And not to waste foods please. When you’re going to bazaar,particularly.  :D
I’ll be sitting ICAS on this Tuesday .Pray for me so that I will get an international certificate.Amin~