Saturday, October 4, 2014


 Assalamualaikum and a very good morning I bid to everyone. (No I'm not doing a speech like in seseri every morning)

Wakey wakey people!haha

Let's go straight to the story.

On the last one week of term holiday,guess where I went?

To a country off the beaten track,Budapest ,Hungary with my other 7 friends and a teacher,Miss Ezza.

This program is not simply focusing on cultural exchange activity.And of course,we're not going for fun .That's the henceforth objective.

Our school joined up for Asian European Classroom Network where we have to create our own short story.The story that Seserian did was entitled ASHACE.Good job everybody!

We did some presentations in front of the teachers and friends from Szent Istvan Gimnazium.About our school,ASHACE and our beloved country.

Me and my team,we're like the representatives of Malaysia to Budapest to officiate our story there and of course,mingling with oversea students and travel!

It's my first time travelling abroad with friends and I tell you,It was the BEST trip I ever had.Athough sometimes you might face some obstacles,sure you'll get through it.It can mend the bonds among you and your friends.With your crazy headed friends,I think you won't feel that the trip is wasted.

So,if you have anything to ask,let me know.

                                                               We're just landed.So excited !

     Singing in the kitchen.Dancing beside   Nana.

     With Adri and Szilvi at Szent Istvan Gimnazium(Gimnazium literally means school) 

  We're heading back to our hostel

With Lidia,Fanni and Nemeth.Can't you see my height is normal?

                                                            Adriiii we miss youuuuu


David yang sangat gentleman.He's a practical teacher. The most remarkable teacher to be. 

                My new bae,Marci .Hei there,Marci.