Monday, February 16, 2015

Early Twenty Fifteen!

Assalamualaikum people,
I'm baaaaacckkkk again for the Chinese New Year holiday so yeah,Gong Xi F Chai everyone,especially to my three chinese hearties at school Lim,En Chi and Wei Vern!

Last year was a total hell I could say,honestly,the homesick I've been through,I'd rather die!
But this year,well at least a good start for me,I feel like I'm halfway to the heaven.

Everything started jusstttt fine.With the New Year Resolution that hasn't been spoiled by lazybone me,I can feel the aura I'll make it to 9A+ pfft Amin.

On this upcoming 25th February,there'll be about 244 new sisters in Seseri yayy.. 

We are all welcoming those lucky Form 4 girls to Seseri. Chill. Everything's alright!

Well these are some of the pictures..let's roll it down people!

Our disection of chicken heart in the lab. 5A just made it in the newspaper,guys!

Fatin Husna, the discipline biro that I love the most.

Erin, supportive PRS gang and Sakinah the mushy one hah!

Taraaaaaa~~ Our secret place which is no more secret.

And..where is Aidah Nina my "beloved" deskmate?Well I guess she's buzy with the basketball tournament.