Sunday, May 31, 2015

Forget Me Nots?

Assalamualaikum duniaaaaaa

Many many wishes of happy hollidays. Look who's going to overseas? uhm anyone??
I haven't going back to Kelantan,means that I'm still around Bukit Jelutong and Shah Alam. Either kaklong's place or kak nana's place.Wherever I am pleasant.
(Living with them, I knew their secret agenda to make me fatter so they can tease me later on. Well, that's what most sisters do,don't they?)

But, who even cares when they continuously feed your tummy with luscious FOOOOODSSSSS??

Basically today,I had a breakfast with kaklong and kakcik and not to forget,my two cute nieces Amanda and Adelia.

Is 11 o'clock is considered late for breakfast?

Yo stalker it's a shame you're not here!

I agreed to dine here as I was told that they had NICE NICE NICE BCGT or maybe BGCT idk I forgot the orders but they're so called Belgium Chocolate tart in "short"

And yes,they're wickedly evil tastiest yummist thing to be in my mouth!

Will be uploading the pictures later on.


And yohoooooo I was wearing my sister's new apparel. A company shared with her friends. She demanded me to exhibit it for her, I can't resist her,obviously how poweful a sister can be!

Seriously,never thought this dress could be that comfy. Despite the hot weather in our country, I didn't feel sweating (or it's just me?)
The dress perhaps had some kind of spell that cools the body. I called it cotton candy,because it's so pinkish and I LOVE COTTON CANDY!

Kak long I'm not good at this!
Besides, I think they're perfectly covering your aurah.Conform the syariat!

Reminder: Dress as you wanted to please Allah, not the people around.
Sorry not a diva blood type girl
                Amaryllis Dress: FMNsofficial
                                  Skirt:  ASHHANNAS

Am I the only one with specs?

Tak de bakat

And, I saw this on Facebook. My teacher,Ustazah Siti Nur Fatimah, published her new book. It's probably the book needed to all girls out here. I don't know,I haven't buy it yet.
It's suitable for our age,complements our aim to become a muslimah . I want to. Do you?
Ustazah Fatimah's new book!

So yeah,I'm still hungry. Can we go to Jaya Grocer now??
Arizona is a must!

Was peering through the ingredients, I think there's not an ingredient that doubt me. Safe!!
(Tell me if you're against or finds out I'm wrong)

Dress As You Would,

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