Friday, May 29, 2015



May you people are in good health.
Everyone is back home, for the Aurelia it's been 10 weeks in school and as for the form 4 it's just less a week.

We had rough weeks for the Seseri Sports Day,yes it was held in SM Sains Selangor . And then we had two weeks to prepare for our Mid-year exam.While that, AJK Hari Guru and all students did everything looks so well for the teachers .

The teachers decorating the cakes. YES CAKESSSSSSS

DGP all coloured!

Why should I miss this magnificent view? pfftt

My madly awesome deskmate

and the connector between two KLCC,perhaps?

It's just nothing without the efforts from AJK Hari Guru xoxo

Farees my dearest nephew
They should bring picnic essentials like such checkered red blankets and basket too!
The kaca mata team,I don't wanna show my braces.
Doesn't even enough for everyone
My funny dad!

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