Saturday, August 29, 2015

MERDEKA-Quite Challenging


Can't be more grateful that the SPM trial which stole my three weeks is over and now we can have a weekend to rest at home,while counting days till Merdeka celebration.

My friend had asked me to join her to take KTM  since we both heading to Shah Alam, to stay with my sister durng this merdeka. (Since I choose not to go back to kelantan as it must took my whole day for a journey back home)

I asked my mum's permission first, since I am not a public transport user-kind-of-people. Except for buses.Quite nervous for taking KTM without elders. After school, me and my other three friends had glee time in Sunway Putra Mall,yepp the new mall rebuilt. We had food,of course.

I walked with Syaf, and when we were going down an escalator, suddenly she popped the story about escalator accident that happened in China. I was imagining that it happened to us (kinda like had a dejavu that time). We landed safely on the platform (while our mouths could stop chatting).But when we were about to take another escalator to the ground floor, it felt so wrong. Syaf stepped her feet on it and quickly lift it back. Then we both realise that the escalator is moving upwards. It's for going up!!We both laughed like crazy.Thank god there was nobody. We giggled everytime we thought about it, so don't ever remind me .Pssttt,I have to blame Syaf for the escalator story.

So I thought I did called kakna the day before that she had to pick me from the railway station. I arrived at 5.15pm and patiently waiting until 6.15pm. I don't know why I don't feel scared or crying like I always do when people are late. Without phones and even public phones, I gave up and walked to the taxi stop. I am still figuring it out where did I get my guts. But it was emergency when I realised I haven't prayed asar yet!

I heard stories about taxi, I know they're not the safest transport. Anything could happen. I was thinking what if my Mum found out that I fetched a taxi by my own? Woah adrenaline gushing all over the body!

I prayed to God so everything will be just right. I put all my prayers and trust in HIM before and along the journey to my sister's house. I am just so scared with all possibilities. Then I realize that how bad attitude I have that I only seek for His help whenever He pushes me on the edge. I had my faith in Allah, Things will be absolutely different if He wanted it to be so. But Alhamdulillah again, He saved me from any danger and harm. Subhanallah, my body shivers when I arrived my sister's home.

The truth why my sister didn't pick me up from the station is that she doesn't know I didn't bring phone to school. Maybe she forgets that I am in a government school where bringing phones to school is prohibited. Kakcik won't even allow me to illegally bring phone to school hmm. ( Waiting for the moment when phones are allowed to bring to school ZZZZZZ)

I felt so independent today. Despite the tired journey from 2.30 pm until 6.40pm, I kinda enjoy the day. Felt so free and alive! And I learnt something too. HARDSHIPS OFTEN PREPARE ORDINARY PEOPLE,FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY DESTINY.

And Indeed in every hardships there will be ease 
Ash-Shar 5-6


Salam Merdeka,


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