Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Nah,it's just the haze.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


With the presence of Sultan Nazrin and Tuanku Zara Salim,our dinner was very prestigious. The dinner we had is in Sunway Putra Hotel, which we had to walk from school . We had the rehearsal by morning. So basically we went back and forth from school to the hotel and vice versa for twice. We're moving back to school to dress up and prepare ourselves. Then move back to where we belong-the hoteellllll!!!

               The both pictures were during the outing, sorry for including them here.

Using only *borrowed GoPro , I guess all MGP pictures uploaded were selfies and wefies of me and my friends.

We were out since morning,that is actually the best part. The rehearsal starts with cikgu hadip being the temporary sultan. Just so I realized that he is too good to be a sultan. I’m one of the AJK, so there must be things to be settled down like the seats arrangement, souenirs for parents and guests and for the performance. Quite lot but meen and Amirah had done them so nicely. Everybody did so well like hey presto!

Eventually,the real moment we are waiting for, oh not the dinner yet!We’re excited about the lunch,lol. We’re given 2 hours to have lunch around sunway putra. This is the part of my sad life,spent all my money since it was our second time of outing during the week,RIP MY SAVINGS FOR TRAVEL.

Then there goes the rehearsal again unil 4.20pm. We walked back to school with rain pouring on us. Prayed and of course, do the makeover tho I never really good in makeups.