Sunday, March 6, 2016

KEK BATIK - Marie AuFudge Cake

It's a day to reminisce our old days as a kid, where I always love to eat my sister's Kek Batik that I even asked her to make one for my classmates. As the making of it would be very simple, I started to try it myself (when I was 6yo). Kinda like throwing everything I remembered from watching my sister did that.And wallah,there goes my first not-so-called-cake ,Kek Batik which really boosts up my passion in baking which after that I tried to bake my first chocolate cake. :'))

KEK BATIK @ Marie fudge (glamour wuuu)
  • 2 cup Milo
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp coffee powder (optional)
  • i tsp vanilla essence
  • 1/2 tin condensed milk
  • 250g butter (one whole stick)
  • 1 packet of Biskut Marie (I prefer the plain so that you can see the contrast with the fudge)

(I remember how I did, I combined everything except the biscuit and cook on the stove,no problem)
  1. Make sure you melt the butter first.
  2. Then add the condensed milk,vanilla,cocoa,milo and coffee powder and mix until smooth and no big lumps.
  3. Cook on stove until they somehow thicken and remove from heat. 
  4. Break the biscuits into halves and coat them all into the goey fudge.
  5. Man,pour them into the plastic tupperware or your cake tins already!

MY WAY: I took cling plastic wrapper and  lay on the flat table.Next,pour the fudge on the middle of it .I took both end points and bring it to cover the fudge (leaving a longer side to roll over), and roll them away very tightly. Which you can see the result above. :P

P/S: If you like the biscuit to be soft, cook the biscuits a little longer before removing from heat. 

Biology aint gonna stop-CRONUT®

Recipe: Allrecipes

I'll rate Cronut for you. The Difficulty is Extreme. or its just me who thinks its as complicated as making croissant? Mine turned out so well, the taste was very good and the Valrhona ganache was outstanding. Buuuuut, I simply have one problem. The outer crust was a bit chewy and harder than your regular doughnut. From my readings, mostly people use Grape seed oil to fry those rings up. And I used my regular corn oil to fry cz like, where do I find grape seed oil in kelantan?


We all learnt about hybrid in our biology class. Not only living things can do a hybrid, even Croissant and doughnut can perform the process,even not genetically.

I can tell you its a tough project. I hate tough ones. I hate baking breads too,sometimes.
You need to chill couple of times, and basically I did the CRONUT for the whole day and fry them on the next day.



You have pen?-CHAPTER CAFE

Because if you have, I want to write down my phone number *haha
I am deeply sorry for this excitement. I just learnt some pickup line from my friends, and totally was fun even you dont have that intentions after all.

So as usual, whenever I get back to my Kelate sweet Kelate, there's a must to search for new cafe's to satisfy my un-traditional tastebuds. Well yeah, after long days with rice and buduuuuuu and still wanna have that light foods to bring everyone together.

So, I tell my sisters (Since this girl haven't got her license), "Lets go try our first hands on Chapter cafe. Sounds fun like opening a new page on Narnia Chronicles.

Banana Bread Pudding with Ice-cream
Lot 1084, Seksyen 29 (Jalan Taman Tengku Ahmad Panglima), Kota Bharu,Kelantan, Malaysia

Trying to hide the guilt, Caeser salad

Lil bro cannot help himself with the crab

And yes, these kind of food is never enough. :P