Sunday, March 6, 2016

Biology aint gonna stop-CRONUT®

Recipe: Allrecipes

I'll rate Cronut for you. The Difficulty is Extreme. or its just me who thinks its as complicated as making croissant? Mine turned out so well, the taste was very good and the Valrhona ganache was outstanding. Buuuuut, I simply have one problem. The outer crust was a bit chewy and harder than your regular doughnut. From my readings, mostly people use Grape seed oil to fry those rings up. And I used my regular corn oil to fry cz like, where do I find grape seed oil in kelantan?


We all learnt about hybrid in our biology class. Not only living things can do a hybrid, even Croissant and doughnut can perform the process,even not genetically.

I can tell you its a tough project. I hate tough ones. I hate baking breads too,sometimes.
You need to chill couple of times, and basically I did the CRONUT for the whole day and fry them on the next day.



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