Sunday, March 6, 2016

You have pen?-CHAPTER CAFE

Because if you have, I want to write down my phone number *haha
I am deeply sorry for this excitement. I just learnt some pickup line from my friends, and totally was fun even you dont have that intentions after all.

So as usual, whenever I get back to my Kelate sweet Kelate, there's a must to search for new cafe's to satisfy my un-traditional tastebuds. Well yeah, after long days with rice and buduuuuuu and still wanna have that light foods to bring everyone together.

So, I tell my sisters (Since this girl haven't got her license), "Lets go try our first hands on Chapter cafe. Sounds fun like opening a new page on Narnia Chronicles.

Banana Bread Pudding with Ice-cream
Lot 1084, Seksyen 29 (Jalan Taman Tengku Ahmad Panglima), Kota Bharu,Kelantan, Malaysia

Trying to hide the guilt, Caeser salad

Lil bro cannot help himself with the crab

And yes, these kind of food is never enough. :P

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