Sunday, June 19, 2016

Canton Short Escape

'Twas a last minute flight, I don't know I was going along until my dad said he wanna take me there. Well he was hoping I could benefit the trip with my rustic Mandarin haha.

They always came to China (obviously without me), and this was my first. Well I could say it was great...not because I have to babysit kids *sigh.

It was actually a great opportunity to enjoy my life before entering college life. 5 days after I came back to China,I have to register myself in INTEC. And prolly no more travelling due to tons of assignments and studies (who knows?)

I could only give you pictures,like always. 

Being all stripey because I can

Y'all sure it's me?

LED lights are feasts

Not a single day without la mien aka mee tarik!!!!!

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