About The Aufudge

Welcome to Aufudge!Aufudge was name given by my friends,and I'm loving it. A name given from birth is not Sugar nor Chocolates neither Sweet. It's Nurul Aufa.Apparently already ** years old.Having this blog since 12 makes it seems very childish. You might bumped into my old posts,and I want you to pretend it was not from me. :P I'm not gonna take it down,it is going to stay there as a memory. As you may have noticed,I really addicted to butter,flour,sugar,egg...and chocolate. 

My passion of baking started when I was 8 . I started helping my sisters bake cakes since I was 6.There's one fine day,I started to make my first cake ever,chocolate cake for a party in my elementary school.Everyone loves it!It lights up my spirit to continue baking and I even got my support from my mum who then realised my true passion .She bought all my needs for the baking.And my sister gave me a complete set of cupcake book and icing nozzle for my birthday.From that moment,I continue baking until today!

And also,I believe everyone can bake,provided there are recipes and ingredients!It's just about passion,yes and diligence.

My late mum was a good cook and baker.She shares the goods with everyone!I learnt that being a good baker isn't about using the best ingredient or biggest kitchen. It's about love and sincerity.Never thought of persuing this as a career . I'd love to hear any comments/criticism/questions/suggestions/recipe that you have!email me at aufafau98@yahoo.com

Ouh,and don't forget to follow me on twitter and instagram @aufacheibrahim for more foods (pictures I mean)

When I'm in the kitchen,I'm happy!